Lasercad™ Space Measurement Division

Space Certificate – we measure the tenant suite using a precision laser system, calculate the usable and rentable areas using the appropriate Standard Method of Measurement, and certify the areas to within 2%.

Perimeter Plan – using our computer aided design (CAD) system we draw the perimeter walls of the tenant suite, schematically locating the entrance doors. For an entire floor, we draw the perimeter walls of each tenant suite, as well as all common areas (hallways, bathrooms, janitor closet, electrical and mechanical rooms, stairwells and elevators).

“As Built” Plan – in addition to preparing a Perimeter Plan we show the exact locations of windows, doors, columns and interior partitions. Tenants can utilise the plan to “lay-out” the space to accommodate their furniture or machinery.

Utility Plan – this is an “As built” Plan which also includes the location of wall and ceiling mounted services such as power points, telephone jacks, LAN outlets, HVAC registers, light fixtures and sprinkler heads.

Fire Emergency Plan – this “As Built” Plan shows the location of fire detection, alarm, fighting and safety equipment such as smoke/heat detectors, fire alarm control panel and annunciator, pull stations, fire extinguishers, shut off valves, sprinkler risers, hose cabinets, hydrants, entry/exit signage and emergency lights… for inclusion in the mandatory Fire Safety Plan. The latter is kept on site to assist the fire department fight the fire.

Fire Evacuation Plan – this perimeter plan shows the location of the tenant suites on the floor, the common areas and fire evacuation route.

Space Planning – using an “As Built” Plan we “lay-out” the tenant suite to determine if it will accommodate their furniture or machinery.