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Date Entered: 01/07/2021
Subject: Leasing and Sales Professionals
Attachment: 50.pdf (Original file name: Brokerage.pdf)

For over four decades we have provided real estate services to the business community in Canada. We started with a simple vision: (1) be the benchmark by which others are measured, (2) offer clients a unique product whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts. To do so we assembled a multi-disciplinary team with diverse but complimentary skills to provide clients with unique, seamless, solutions to their real estate problems: Valuation & Appraisal, Property Tax, Planning, Economic Intelligence (Geographic Information Systems), Counselling (Infrastructure Acquisition, First Nations’ Land Claims, Major Projects), Lasercad® Space Measurement and Brokerage (Sales & Leasing). Although clients are generous with their praise (check us out at www.turnerdrake.com/newsresearch/Rating.asp)  we can do better… and that’s why we need you to help us build-out our Brokerage Division. It is small at present: however, we have the tools and skills, policies and procedures, already in place that you would expect to find at a much larger firm. We need another high caliber colleague (we wouldn’t turn our nose up at two) to join our Brokerage team.

Whilst experience and a license to trade in real estate would be an advantage, our focus is on finding the right candidate or candidates. We hire for life so we want to find a colleague or colleagues who fit our corporate culture. Somebody who we can trust and who can trust us. A person who prefers to work in a team environment with colleagues who share his/her enthusiasm and enters the office each day with a spring in their step. Yes, you have to cold call and drum up business, so sales experience is essential and it is a decided advantage if you have been active in the business community long enough to have established contacts, but our success is built on long term relationships with clients rather than a transactional approach.

While the exigencies of some assignments may sometimes require work outside normal office hours it is our view that this should be the exception rather than the rule: we believe strongly in a civilised work-life balance and conduct the firm’s operations accordingly. We offer a collegiate, team orientated, supportive, work environment. Our IT resources are state of the art. Check out our  websites www.turnerdrake.comwww.turnerdrake.ca for a more detailed look at us. To learn more about this career opportunity, click on the attachment and view this PDF document using our Acrobat Reader Plug-in (available as a free download from the Adobe Web Site, www.adobe.com). 

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