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TDP Trends

Date Entered: 06/10/2015
Subject: Two Thirds of Everything
Attachment: 4.pdf (Original file name: TDP TRENDS Vol 1 No 1.pdf)

If your company owns or manages property in Atlantic Canada it is now more important than ever that you take a hard look at the potential impact of demographics on future real estate values.  Compared to Canada as a whole, the projected population composition over the next 20 years for all four Atlantic Provinces looks bleak.  Assuming a typical holding period of a 10 years; entities such as REITs and Institutional Investors may find that the purchases they make in near future will be subject to drastically different market conditions at the end of the holding period.

TDP Trends is a free service provided by Turner Drake & Partners Ltd. to decision makers with property portfolios in Atlantic Canada.  It provides information on demographic, psychographic, migratory, income and wealth distribution, investment, technological, space utilisation and other trends which influence property values now and/or in the future.  TDP Trends are achieved on the public area of our web site at www.turnerdrake.com/newsresearch/tdptrends.asp.