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Date Entered: 03/11/2021
Subject: TDP Newsletter Vol. 02 No. 121 Atlantic
Attachment: 167.pdf (Original file name: Vol2no121.pdf)

Newsletter Spring 2021 (Atlantic Edition). Tonight, in Halifax, as winter tightens its icy grip, 500 homeless Haligonians will join 30,000 Canadians seeking shelter to survive. The lucky ones will find a hostel bed, the rest a tent or tarpaulin beneath a dank underpass…or a huddle in a shop doorway. Without permanent housing they are denied the chance for a future most take for granted. And it is getting worse; affordable housing stock is disappearing at an alarming rate. Our Planning Division digs deep to find out why. Islands resonate with most of us as a place to escape the madding crowd, they offer refuge in an increasingly threatening world. As such they are priceless… our Valuation Division attempts to square the circle. Covid-19 affords the opportunity to measure up: our Lasercad spacemen (and women) explain how.


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