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Our Valuation Division offers seven valuation and one appraisal product so that clients can select the most cost effective service, one that is precisely matched to their requirements. Our principal sphere of operations is New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Prince Edward Island. However we provide valuation services throughout Canada for specialty properties such as heavy industrial (e.g. smelters, pulp mills, fertiliser plants), transportation facilities (e.g. airports, marine terminals), etc.

Our Property Tax Division provides assessment audits, negotiation, property tax, valuation, and litigation support services throughout Canada, with particular emphasis on the Atlantic Provinces.

Our Counselling Division conducts feasibility studies, portfolio and asset analysis, lease audits, breakeven analysis and due diligence. In addition it offers a wide range of counselling services on expropriation, arbitration and mediation, litigation support and forensic analysis. Our Counselling Division covers the same geographic area as our Valuation Division (see above).

Our Brokerage Division provides sales and leasing services for all types of industrial, commercial and investment property. We can represent purchasers, as well as vendors; tenants and landlords. We are one of the few commercial brokers who belong to the Nova Scotia Association of Realtors and so have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®). We are a licensed broker for the Province of Nova Scotia.

Our Lasercad® Division provides space measurement services to the BOMA, SIOR and CREA Standards, on apartments, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, industrial premises, aircraft hangars … or any other type of leased space. We can provide Space Certificates, Perimeter or “As Built” drawings, to both landlords and tenants. Accurate space measurement, to the appropriate Standard, reduces the potential for misunderstanding, loss of faith and future costly court actions between landlords and tenants. Our Lasercad® space measurement service is available in the four Atlantic Provinces and Ontario.

Our Economic Intelligence Unit conducts Market Surveys, Demographic Reports, Site Selection Studies, Trade Area Analyses, Supply and Demand Surveys, Impact and Economic Analyses for a wide range of property types throughout the Atlantic Provinces. Turner Drake blends traditional real estate consulting techniques with the technology of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to forecast future trends for business and real estate. Our Economic Intelligence Unit covers the same geographic area as our Valuation Division (see above).

Our Planning Division helps owners and developers navigate the development controls in place on their property; evaluate the economics of their development options; and acquire the necessary planning approvals from the regulatory authorities. We also provide municipalities with the expertise to evaluate development proposals from an economic, as well as a planning, viewpoint so that they can calculate the net present value (NPV) impact on the municipal budget. Our Planning Division covers the four Atlantic Provinces. In addition, building on our blend of planning and economic intelligence, we provide housing needs assessments for provinces and municipalities across Canada.

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