ISO 9001 | Regulated by RICS


Quality Policy Statement

The management of Turner Drake & Partners Ltd. is dedicated to ensuring that their clients will receive the optimum in real estate services. The goal of Turner Drake & Partners Ltd. is to continuously improve their services to better satisfy the needs of their clients. Turner Drake & Partners Ltd.’s team members will provide a quality service that is focused on understanding current and future client needs, meets client requirements, and strives to exceed client expectations. This service will be succinct, achievable and measurable in accordance with their key indicators of quality which are:

  1. Maintaining and improving quality and consistency of products and services.
  2. Improving the efficiencies of processes and work flow.
  3. Assigning key areas of responsibility for product and service delivery.
  4. Measuring client satisfaction and continually seeking to improve it.

Turner Drake & Partners Ltd. will do this through the use of a highly motivated and trained workforce of real estate specialists and by implementing and maintaining a Quality System to the ISO 9001 standard, which also incorporates national and provincial real estate appraisal, counselling, space measurement, planning and brokerage regulations.

Turner Drake & Partners Ltd. will undertake service planning and delivery activities designed to produce the desired client outcome. All team members will understand the Quality Policy and know exactly what is expected of them to achieve objectives. Ongoing measurement within Turner Drake & Partners Ltd. will be carried out in order to ensure that these quality objectives are achieved and continuously improved.

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