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Date Entered: 10/07/2021
Subject: TDP Newsletter Vol. 02 No. 123 Atlantic
Attachment: 171.pdf (Original file name: Vol2no123 Atlantic.pdf)

In this issue...

Affordable, Attainable, Available?

Our Economic Intelligence Unit explores the real meaning of “affordable” in the Atlantic Canada context. Having nailed that down, they then delve into demographic data to determine whether “affordable” is “attainable”. Mindful of the frenetic state of the housing markets in the Region they explore whether affordable, attainable housing is actually “available”.

Property Tax Division

Nova Scotia

Covid 19 has adversely impacted some commercial property values, in cases such as retail escalating a trend of declining values that has been evident since 2010 because of on-line shopping. Hospitality and office properties too have suffered because of the pandemic. 2022 is the first year property owners in the province are able to reflect the impact of Covid 19 on their property assessments. But there is only a narrow window of opportunity, which closes on December 1st, to negotiate assessment reductions for 2022.

New Brunswick

Property assessments in 2022 must reflect the impact of Covid 19 on property values. Some property owners have just received their 2022 Assessment Notices: they have 30 days in which to appeal. If you have not yet received your Assessment Notice it will be mailed on 28th January 2022 and your 30-day appeal period will start on that date. Time to act!

Brokerage Division

Buying or selling? Multiple offers are now a fact of life. Navigating them can be a little tricky. There is great potential for creating bad blood and/or a law suit. Our Brokerage Division gives guidance on the safe course to steer.

Counselling Division

Expropriation is the forceable taking of property by an acquiring authority for a public project such as a road, transmission line, pipeline, etc. It is rarely a happy event for the property owner. Our Counselling Division has 45 years’ experience dealing with expropriation in all four Atlantic provinces. The adverse impact of the expropriation on the property remaining after the acquisition can be substantial and compensable… even with pipelines. We explain why there may be a little extra on the side.

Have Your Say!

Every six months we invite every client for whom we have done work during the prior six month period to rate our services. We then publish the unexpurgated results on our web site www.turnerdrake.com . Some also comment: read what they have to say.

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