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Date Entered: 05/15/2007
Subject: Brokerage Case Study – Peace of Mind
Attachment: 27.pdf (Original file name: NAI Case Study-Lakeview.pdf)
Comment: How could his vendor be certain that an unsolicted offer was the best offer? The vendor was on the horns of a dilemma, they did not want to lose the offer but they wanted to be certain it was the best available. Our boutique Brokerage Division revels in this type of challenge. To learn more, click on the attachment and view this PDF document using an Acrobat Reader Plug-in (available as a free download from the Adobe Web Site, www.adobe.com). Case Studies is a free service provided by Turner Drake & Partners Ltd. to decision makers with property portfolios in Canada. In order to assist clients better understand how they can utilise our services to improve their bottom line, we have provided information on actual assignments conducted by our various Divisions. Case Studies are archived on the public area of our web site at www.turnerdrake.com/newsresearch/casestudies.asp. You can unsubscribe at anytime by hitting “reply”, typing “unsubscribe” followed by your name and e-mail address, and hitting “send”.