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Planning & Economic Intelligence Grows

Turner Drake & Partners Ltd. started in 1976 with the mission to “provide solutions to real estate problems”. Initially we focused on valuation practice, but as real estate and its challenges have become more diverse, so too have we. Over the decades we’ve added complementary practice areas—Counselling, Property Tax, Brokerage, Lasercad®—expanding our perspective and deepening the expertise we bring to our clients. Our Economic Intelligence Unit was added in 2006, then in 2014 we added Planning. Rooted in the economic perspective that all our divisions share, our market analysis and planning practices are unlike any other in Atlantic Canada.

Planning and Economic Intelligence work closely together. In many ways we are one division – we share a collection of GIS resources and expertise in the analysis of demographic, economic, and real estate market data.  Working with a variety of private and public sector clients, we have been involved in some of the largest planning and development projects in the Region. And some of the smallest. We’ve even picked up a few awards along the way. The challenges and outcomes are varied, but one thing is always common; an approach grounded in real estate economics.

Alas, there is much work to be done, and so we decided to expand our team! At Turner Drake, we hold our own feet to the fire—we strive to maintain/surpass the quality of work upon which we have built our reputation. Our new recruit should help us do just that.

Say Hello to the Newbie – Palmer Lumb

Hello readers, my name is Palmer – Turner Drake’s newest Planning and Economic Intelligence team member!  

I grew up in the big city of Toronto, but – unlike most Torontonians – I’ve always had a passion for the outdoors. I was never the kind of kid who played video games in the basement or stayed inside with my nose stuck in a book. I always wanted to be outside exploring.

When I was ten, my mum signed me up for a canoe kayak summer camp that was close enough to ride to with the neighbourhood kids. I immediately fell in love with the lifestyle—being on the water with friends, playing games around the club, looking up to the older paddlers. Little did I know at the time, our club had a five-time Olympic Games coach for spring canoe kayaking.

I pursued the sport and stuck to the club’s development program. I started competing provincially, then nationally, and over time I started winning races. This only further fueled my passion to train. I began racing for Ontario and eventually for Team Canada at Junior Worlds and Junior Pan Ams. Although, I did not reach my goal of racing at the Olympic Games, I left with something that I did not anticipate when my mum signed me up: a sense of community. I was surrounded by coaches, teammates, and competitors who were all driven just like me. Although I wanted a change in my life, I continue to carry those soft skills – responsibility, self discipline, and time management – with me today.

Eventually I decided to put paddling on hold, go to university, and finally live a “normal” life. I was accepted into the Community Design program at Dalhousie University. Coming from a high-performance sport, I continued to be competitive and exceled in my program. I am most proud of my honour’s thesis that investigated suitable locations in the HRM for electric vehicle charging stations.

I couldn’t stay away from the water for long and so to replace paddling, I took up surfing so I could enjoy the ocean and Nova Scotia’s beautiful scenery. When there aren’t any waves, you will still find me outside, either hiking, camping, or riding my bike. Nova Scotia is truly Canada’s Ocean Playground and I am happy to call Halifax my new home!

At Turner Drake, I plan to continue my competitive work ethic. I love playing with data and finding the incredible results it can produce, which is why the Planning and Economic Intelligence divisions were so appealing to me. So, if you or your organisation are wondering how our expertise in development economics and real estate market analysis can enhance your planning process, just give us a call!

Palmer Lumb is a consultant in our Economic Intelligence Division and is also involved in our Planning and Lasercad® divisions. For more information about how you can benefit from the unique expertise of our Planning & Economic Intelligence team, contact Palmer at (902) 429-1811 or 

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