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 Value to Nature

The Maritimes boast a variety of protected areas, including national parks, provincial parks, wilderness areas, and natural reserve areas. These areas have been designated over the years to safeguard ecosystems, habitats, and species diversity. Climate change poses significant challenges to conservation efforts, including rising sea-levels, extreme weather events, and loss of habitat.

Thanks to the Covid Pandemic, we all had an opportune time to explore our surrounding natural environment. We are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the Maritimes’ natural wonders through many hiking trails, local parks, rivers, and more. In Nova Scotia, we are fortunate enough to have many accessible natural areas for us all to enjoy. You know what they say – you’re never more than 60 km from the ocean! If you have ever taken a drive around Nova Scotia, you would quickly realise just how coastal the province is.

My personal favorite out of office activities include the occasional hike through Duncans Cove for the beautiful ocean views, or sometimes I move inland to McIntosh Run or the Purcell’s Cove Backland Trails for a serene and peaceful hike. All possible due to the efforts of many individuals and organization who work to protect these areas for all to enjoy.

Through Turner Drake, I have had the opportunity to speak with countless landowners, conservation groups and government departments across the region. I have noticed a common trend from these conversations: there is a deep-rooted connection landowners have developed with their land, whether its lands they have enjoyed throughout their lives or particular areas they have come to love and wish to preserve for the future. While inspecting their lands, I see firsthand the many hidden natural wonders located around the region. There will always be an interest in the preservation of land for the future – and our Valuation Division plays an important role in helping to achieve this.

Our role as the valuer goes hand-in-hand with conservation efforts, working with private landowners, conservation groups, and provincial governments to determine the Fair Market Value of any given land – accounting for its distinct features, location, size that contribute to its value.  We have worked endlessly on all types of land, whether it’s a remote Island off of Nova Scotia’s coastline, an old family farm bordering a wilderness area, or a piece rural woodland or wetland off the beaten path. We engage with all relevant parties and utilize the abundance of resources available to us online to truly understand the history and significance for each piece of land we have the opportunity to work with when determining its market value.

If you wish to conserve your lands or explore the options available to you, I encourage you to reach out to Turner Drake or to your local conservation group to uncover the best course of action.

Summer is almost here, so strap on your hiking boots and get out there and enjoy our region to the fullest – and don’t forget to do your part and clean up after yourself (or others) during your adventures.

Tyler Manning is the manager of our Lasercad® Unit and a consultant on our Valuation team. For more information about how you can benefit from the unique expertise of our Valuation division, please contact Tyler at (902) 429-1811 or .

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