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Date Entered: 06/04/2020
Subject: TDP Newsletter Vol. 02 No. 119 Atlantic
Attachment: 165.pdf (Original file name: Vol2no119 Atlantic.pdf)

Newsletter Spring 2020 (Atlantic Edition). Covid-19 is a health crisis which has now spawned a recession. But what type of recession, short and sharp, or long and prolonged? Thanks to the virus there is an alphabet soup of options. We explore each one of them, and since fools rush in where angels fear to tread, happily forecast their probable impact on commercial property values in Atlantic Canada. Last year our Property Tax Division were invited to address the New Brunswick Committee on Law Amendments regarding the assessment and taxation of heavy industry in the province. We share the moment. Measuring up: if your rental property has not been measured since 1995 you may be missing out; our Lasercad measurement experts explain why. To learn more, click on the attachment and view this PDF document using an Acrobat Reader Plug-in (available as free download from the Adobe Web Site, www.adobe.com).