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Development Analysis

Which real estate development, or redevelopment option will best meet your financial and physical objectives? Property development requires a multi-disciplinary approach: urban planning expertise to interpret the planning constraints that are imposed by the Municipal Plan and Zoning By-law and the possible flexibility available in their implementation or modification; expertise in real estate valuation, property development economics, market and investment analysis, to compare scenarios or evaluate the real estate development project you already have in mind. We will tailor our real estate development study to arrive at a project that meets your specific property needs, as well as urban planning regulatory requirements and economic reality. This real estate analysis goes beyond a broad-strokes estimate of return on property investment, and includes more detailed insight on key real estate elements such as urban planning, ownership structure, unit mix, market demand, parking requirements, etc.

Past property development experience is usually a good teacher, but in the “thin” markets of Atlantic Canada, every real estate development project changes the supply and demand conditions for the next. Simply replicating the past or the actions of other real estate developers is no sure path to success. You can be much more confident in a development project’s viability when it is supported by objective data and analysis, not what “buddy down the street” is doing.

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